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Sweat Country values Integrity. Integrity touches every aspect of our company. We try to build a culture of sustainability that gives back to the community. Our goal to give a percentage of our profits back to worthy organizations that meet our ethical standards and strengthen the bonds between us and those organizations. Integrity starts with how we operate and the products we offer.

Hammock Tents

When camping in decent weather where there are plenty of trees, a good hammock can solve all of your sleeping problems. In fact, some campers would rather sleep in a hammock—whether covered or not—than in a tent in a sleeping bag.

Hiking Shoes

Quality hiking boots and shoes are one of the most important pieces of gear you can own. They keep your feet dry, warm and protected from the hazards of the trail.

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We strive to have the highest ethics and morals in choosing the products we sell and represent. Our Integrity Guaranteed We strive to find products that are of the highest quality therefore if there's a problem with your product will gladly work with you until your needs are satisfied.

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