An Introductory Guide of Hiking Boots before you Purchase a Pair



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An Introductory Guide of Hiking Boots before you Purchase a Pair

Hiking Boots are specifically designed to protect your feet while giving you comfort. But that is not it, and the suitable hiking boots are proportional to the good or bad experience you get on your adventure. They need to sync with the terrain of your hike.

Before you make a decision to choose a pair for your next hiking trip, you might want to know how many different types of hiking boots are. This will make your choice easier knowing the kind of hiking trip you are on. Before you do that, consider knowing the following three basics about hiking boots:

  • Boots Types
  • Boots Components
  • Perfect Fit

Now let’s move towards the types of hiking boots. They are as many as there are the hiker’s types. There are hiking shoes and sandals that are ideal for short walks or camping around. Another type of day hiking boots is for day hiking, as apparent from the name. You can also wear them for the small hike. The third type of hiking boots is called backpacking boots, which are useful in serious hiking trips and are quite ideal for multi-day backpacking expeditions. Last but not least, the boots type is the mountaineering boots. These are perfectly made for serious hiking missions, mountain climbing, and ice-climbing.

After you have decided the type of hiking boots based on your hiking trip, now is the time to learn about its various parts or components. They are variously named uppers, midsoles, and outsoles. Hiking boot uppers are either made up of leather or synthetics, having waterproof membranes and insulating layers to keep your feet warm. Midsoles actually determine the stiffness of any shoe; they are meant to provide cushioning to your feet and act as a buffer against the shock. The internal support is either made of shanks or plates, both of which are sandwiched between midsole and outsole. Outsole is usually at the bottom of the hiking shoes and is made up of various patterns to provide friction and grip against the ground. Carbon as an additive is added to the backpacking hiking boots to add to their stiffness. This outsole increases the durability of the shoes, hence choose wisely.

Do we forget something here? Crampons! If you wish to climb a mountain and hike on the ice, this is the most important item in your hiking shoes that you should never forget. These are essential for your safety.
Hiking shoes should be tight nowhere and fit snug everywhere. Yes, we are talking about your size. Know your size and order the one according to the size which is fit and comfortable for you.

‘A quick suggestion, try your new shoes for size at the end of the day, as it is the time when your feet are swollen.’

Try them wearing the appropriate socks. In case you are wearing orthotics, try them with orthotics on. This will help you to determine your exact size and avoid slipping off in the future. Moreover, if you are looking for hiking boots from an online store, make sure to choose the brand you have already worn.

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